Shop Your Closet

I think you may have forgotten what you have in there! Let me find the treasures buried deep, the ones that never see the light of day. I'll help you decide whether it's time to say goodbye or whether they should be put back in rotation. We'll make new outfits! We'll take pictures so you don't forget! And then I'll make a list of the things you still need to pick up when you're out shopping.

Typical time: 2-4 hours

Cost: $250

Personal Shopping

It's always better to buy as much of your wardrobe as you can in one go. That way you end up with more complementary pieces, avoiding those one-off purchases that look so great in the store, but don't go with anything else. Working within your budget, we will spend the day finding perfect pieces to suit your personal style.

Typical time: 4-6 hours

Cost: $350   

Special Events

If you're looking for one fantastic outfit for a special night, we will shop together until we find just the right thing. 

Typical time: as long as we need

Cost: $200

Styling for Television and Film

Whether it's for one episode or the whole season, I will work with the host/actor and the production team to fill whatever needs arise.

Please enquire about your project for time and pricing

Styling Package

Combine Personal Shopping and Shop Your Closet for $500.